Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wedding dress frame

I know you have all seen the pin on pinterest of the girl sitting in her closet buckling her shoe and her wedding dress is framed in the background!! Ever since I saw that 4 or 5 years ago I have wanted to display my dress. I don't know about you but never in my lifetime will I have a closet big enough to display my huge Cinderella style wedding dress.

So I finally came up with a solution, David built this frame for me and I folded my dress in half to display. (I did have to take out the extra skirting they sewed in) I know not everyone has a custom frame builder in the house so we are offering our version for sale. 


The glass is 20x30
The frame itself is 34 inches wide 44 inches tall and 6 inches deep
once you arrange your dress the way you like it the backer board screws in the back of the frame (we will provide the screws you just need a drill) 
The frame can be painted any of these colors or I can do a custom mix 

Frames are $175 and will run on a 2-3 week wait time... At this time they cannot be shipped 
Please message or email me at

Lots of love 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Picture Request

I hope everyone had a terrific Monday. Since I have to pay FB for anyone to see my posts I thought I might try posting what I have available for sale here so it's easy to see! But before I do that I would like to make a request, my blog hasn't been updated with pictures in a while and I would love to post pictures of pieces in their homes. If you have a piece that we have done in your home I would be ever so gracious if you would send me a picture of it!
Nicole and I spent most of the day sweating and trying to entertain a 2 year old and a 4 year old but we did get a few things finished! Everyone seems to be loving the antique white at the moment so that is all we painted today! Message me on FB if you are interested in purchasing anything you see!


Adorable mid century modern side table! I comes with glass on the top! It's 23.5 round and 24.5 tall $125

2 antique with captains chairs $65-SOLD

Super cool old door! It's 32.25x77.25 $65-SOLD

 5 chairs painted in antique white! Two of the chairs are slightly different from the other 3! $200 for all 5
 Beautiful antique tiger oak full size headboard! It's 78 inches tall so it's sure to make a statement in any bedroom! $200

 Oh my stars! How amazing is this Atlanta gas company heater! Still has all its original parts and has been repainted in gulf and lemonade! It's 25 wide 13 deep 26 tall $125
 Awesome vintage box fan $45 yes it works!-SOLD
 Awesome light gray base side table with a new dark walnut top! It's 23 inches wide 34 inches deep 22 tall $115

Super cool metal lockers painted antique white the one on the far right has a little rusting on the inside other than that they're in great shape they are 36 inches wide 76 inches tall 18 inches deep $185

Amazing accent piece it's lines and details are my favorite! It's 36 wide 15 deep 22 tall $150 I also have a full length mirror that can hang above it!

Awesome country hutch it's painted in Dixie belles drop cloth and has barn red coming through the distressing! It's 34 inches wide 18 inches deep 67 inches tall $250

Beautiful antique writers desk! The bottom is painted in antique white and the top is stained dark walnut it's 34 wide 20 deep 29 tall $175

This dining set was a light oak and outdated a new neighbor found me through a friend and had us redo her table for her new house down the road from me!  

These are a few of the handmade pieces we finished up today! Our custom builds list runs a little longer than our painted pieces but if you are interested let me know and I can get you prices. 

I also picked these up today along with a trailer load full that 
I will be picking up first thing in the morning!

Antique dresser   

Two twin beds

Lots of love!

Boho Chic Sweet 16

My little sister in law turn 16 this year so we did a Boho Chic party for her and her girl friends in their backyard! It didn't take a lot of money but it turned out super cute!
The cake was made by the always fabulous Ranae Peeples she is here in Brunswick this is her FB page 

I brought the cake but my Mother in law did the rest of the food! I found the tiered baskets at hobby lobby. 

We used decorations from around the house and got these letters from hobby lobby! 

Rachel had 3 large tapestries so we used them as decor! 

I had her go pick out several different fabrics she liked to make these hoops. They are just wood embroidery hoops you can get at any craft store.  

 The table was just plastic folding tables we draped in fabric and used hay bales for the seats

The mason jars were wrapped in twine with feathers 

Mainly it took a lot of different fabrics to pull off this super cute boho chic party.  
lots of love